Welcome to the Alabama Mortgage Professionals Association (AMPA) website!  We trust that you will find helpful and resourceful information about becoming a member, education (8hr CE Classes), industry partners, sponsorship opportunities, special events, and more.


Here we are, over half way through 2015, and what a GREAT first half we have been blessed with.  Mortgage Brokers in Alabama are stronger than ever.  The residential real estate market is on track for its best year since 2006, the peak of the housing bubble. (This time, though, it’s no bubble) As we prepare for the second half of the year now is a time to RECHARGE.  AMPA is holding our Annual Convention August 4th and 5th.  Each year we strive to make our convention an event offering affiliate support, tools to use in the work place and a time to bond with our peers. This year we have brought the best in for each of you.  This event is all about RECHARGING and finding your inner strength to make the 2nd half strong.  This is an event you DO NOT want to miss

We are excited to be offering our 8hr CE Class on August 5th.  Our CE class is 8hrs of interactive ‘LIVE’ classroom training.  We not only teach the 8 hours of required continuing education, we discuss tips and secrets on marketing, lender programs, and business growing strategies.

We appreciate all of our members, industry partners and sponsors.  With your continued support our organization continues to grow and allows us to be the voice for the Alabama Brokers.

We will continue to work hard in 2015 to develop the best resources for our members. These resources allow you to continue to be compliant and GROW your business.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on one of our committees or maybe even on the board of directors please contact Tammy Kirkland or myself.

Let’s all make the 2nd half strong, and remember, there are no competitors in this business.  We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


Erin Tatum

AMPA President


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