Welcome to the AMPA (Alabama Mortgage Professionals Association) website.  Here you’ll be able to find information about membership, education, industry  partners, sponsorship opportunities, special events, and more! 

I am incredibly honored to be the 2021 President for AMPA. Last year was a tough  one as we learned to make adjustments to our everyday lives and create a new  normal. Our industry was extremely fortunate in the midst of that “new normal” as  we watched interest rates drop while purchases and refinances soared. While we  can all probably agree we are glad to have rounded the corner into a new year, we  have a lot to be thankful for.  

As we know, 2021 has yet to solve the world’s problems and will be presenting  some changes to our own little corner of it. Despite any upcoming changes and  challenges we plan to have another successful year!  

-Our annual awards banquet is tentatively scheduled for April 14, 2021 and  will be in accordance with COVID-19 Guidelines. 

-Continuing education will be available through AMPA and online through MEC.  

-Lastly, let’s not forget the transition to the new 1003 starting March 1,  2021. 

Among the changes, and plans we want to continue to promote involvement in  AMPA. That being said, the Alabama Mortgage Professionals Association is a  nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance lending integrity and ethical  standards to better serve and protect Alabama Homeowners. AMPA endeavors to  do this by providing mortgage professionals with continuing education programs  where members learn, share, and develop the best practices. AMPA also seeks to  protect the interests of the mortgage industry by advocating sustainable lending  practices in the legislative process. We intend to uphold our mission and challenge  each other in these principals this year.  

As our industry evolves, the only way we can continue to be heard is in our  numbers. This will allow us to have a “bigger” voice on a national level. I want to  encourage each of you to get involved and be a member. Welcome to AMPA and  let’s make 2021 the best one yet! 

2021 AMPA President, Melissa Butler